A honest, holistic approach to branding

We are brand strategists and creative directors. We craft tailored solutions to develop your brand as a whole, and bring together the best designers to create all the material necessary to reach its full potential. From ideation to execution, we direct all efforts under one roof, ensuring consistency and accountability, as well as better efficiency and less overhead.

we consult: Brand Development   Content Creation   Online Strategy   Social Media Strategy   Strategic Partnerships   Local ActivationsWe design: Visual Identity   Print Material   Web Presence   Package Design   UI/UX Design   Space Design

"Big Agencies" suck...

... you dry. Good branding is the intersection of good planning and good execution. Unlike most traditional agencies, our team doesn't focus on one above the other. On the contrary, we follow a holistic approach, where our skills as strategists and creative directors allow us to deliver well-rounded results. Your brand is a whole, and should be considered as such. We are a lean, efficient one-stop shop that gives you access to the best minds and talents, while staying on time and on budget.



Should you hire a full-time creative director? Would a freelance designer do? Where to start? How can you guarantee your return on investment? Our “all of the above” approach takes guessing out of the equation: we are your brand directors, your partners all the way. From crafting your roadmap to success to selecting the right team to help you get there, our efficient team oversees and guarantees the entire experience. Our lean, smart organization allows us to deliver all-encompassing solutions that fit your needs, timing and budget. Good branding can be simple. Let us show you how.

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There are many talented designers out there. But what matters above all is passion. For each project, we select designers that have a true interest in your brand and industry, so they want to give the best of themselves. Our trusted print designers, web experts, UI consultants and more are committed to delivering their best work for us, at a discounted rate. You, on your end, enjoy the security of having our team handling the day to day and guaranteeing results that resonate with your objectives. That’s how we think business should be done.

They trust us


Our way of doing business simply makes sense: we believe that good relationships are at the core of successful endeavors, and we value our clients’ trust above all. Therefore, no shady business: our structure is lean and efficient, our pricing is clear and your ROI is measurable. We deliver big agency results without the complications, exorbitant costs and long-term commitments. We passionately connect with every brand we chose to work for, and make sure our work truly resonates with your audience and clientele.

So What are you waiting for?


Case Studies

A great logo, an efficient and attractive online platform, great print material are not the "end-all" of good brand strategy. There are a mere support to execute the well thought-out plan destined to maximize our clients' visibility and reach. Our designers craft the very best to turn your strategic vision into reality, and make your business shine. Here are some select projects we've worked on recently.

  • All
  • indi2
    Indigena, a 501c3 Non-Profit
  • cover
    Granada Hills Charter
  • 1
    Café Racer
  • no7-napkins
    Bayou San Francisco
  • syc_thumb
    The Sycamore School
  • cover
    Citron Patisserie & Tea Lounge
  • oliv
    Olivier’s Butchery
  • bicy_thumb2
    Bicyclette SF
  • Stpaulprovence_zps94cd33e1
    Festival de Saint-Paul de Vence
  • thumb
    Artist Proof
  • reeds2
    Reed’s Condiments
  • thumbpalm
    Le Palmier Hotel & Spa
  • 3
  • bank_thumb
    The Bank
  • hero
  • insth
    Installation Magazine
  • mdmcover
    Maison des Maisons
  • thumb
    The Donaldson Adoption Institute
  • bogt
    Blue Orange Games
  • miradathmb
    La Mirada Resort & Spa
  • mana

Creative Direction

A forward-thinking brand expert since he opened his first award-winning agency at 19 years old, Christophe Galland has been defining brand identities and strategies for companies, institutions and individuals all over Europe and the United States. From The Imagists’ headquarters in Los Angeles, he guides The Imagists’ vast clientele toward success by offering tailored innovative solutions to today’s demanding economic realities. Christophe is a regular speaker on seminars around the country, and also offers organizational and brand strategy consulting services to brands arounds the world. He also sits on the USC Annenberg Alumni Board of Directors.

“I created The Imagists out of necessity: necessity for me to have reliable experts to translate my vision for a brand or a company into reality, and necessity for my clients to turn to one unique entity able to guide them to completion. Although it seems like an obvious way to do business, especially at a time where budgets have shrunk and ROI is king, it turns out we are still among the very few to think about branding this way. I am very proud of the work we put out here because it is honest, great, and makes a real difference. Hopefully we get a chance to spread this way of thinking on many different levels over the years!”

Questions & Answers

Who do you work with?
Good business comes from healthy relationships. We work with individual and businesses we find intriguing, that have potential, and “get” our way of thinking. We take on projects that turn us on. We have played in a lot of fields over the year, but are particularly known for our results with new ventures, tech startups, hospitality ventures, digital brands, food and beverage, non-profits… and we have a thing for small businesses, too.
Do you collaborate with other agencies?
Results are exponential when they stem from a common effort. We often craft strategies in collaboration with PR agencies, marketing departments, and help them achieve the goals they have set for their clients. With us on board, agencies can propose a broader range of services to their clientele, while being able to dedicate their own time on what they do best. We take care of the rest.
How big is your agency?
It’s small, and that’s a major plus for you. Keeping our permanent staff to a minimum, while hiring designers we trust for each project, allows us to keep our overhead very low, and pass those savings onto you. Bigger is not always better, and certainly not when it comes to running a smart business.
Is my project too big/small for us to work together?
It’s possible, but it’s highly unlikely. Projects come in all shapes and sizes, but all share a common denominator: the need for a thorough, efficient plan of action, followed by actual execution. We work with a multitude of businesses of all sizes (literally, from Fortune 500 to the butcher next door), and make a point of crafting solutions that match their expectations and capabilities. We wouldn’t be very good at our job if we were not able to scale it to our clients’ needs, now, would we?
How do you charge for your services?
As consultants and creative directors, we charge our clients a monthly retainer fee based upon the number of hours we estimate is required to achieve the objectives we have set. The designers we select charge hourly for the work they create around your brand. We pass this cost onto you without raising it or taking a cut of any kind.
Can you work with an existing team?
We play nice with others! Our clients often have an in-house existing team, responsible for specific tasks, and we love collaborating with them. We also understand the work of PR agencies, advertising agencies etc. and are happy to create strategies that make the most of their abilities in order to deliver the best ROI for the client.
Can you work with clients anywhere in the world?
The Imagists was founded in Los Angeles, which remains its glorious home base, but is inspired by the philosophy of our very French creative director. We currently help brands on both US coasts, in Europe and in Asia, and are always looking forward to expanding our horizons.
Where do you find your designers?
We value face-to-face interaction with our designers, and only work with people we have thoroughly vetted and have a proven record of excellence and professionalism. A vast majority of the work we commission is locally grown.
What makes you different?
Our business model is unique and our practices are innovative and efficient. We do what we do with our clients in mind and we want them to be happy. We craft solutions that make sense for YOU, and we’re awesome at it. Above all, we LOVE our job.

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