We believe in a holistic, honest approach to branding.

We are brand strategists and creative directors. We craft tailored solutions to develop your brand as a whole, and bring together the best designers to create all the material necessary to reach its full potential. From ideation to execution, we direct all efforts under one roof, ensuring consistency and accountability, as well as better efficiency and less overhead.

Consulting SERVICEs

We Consult

It all starts with a plan of action. As brand development experts, we issue a roadmap to achieving your goals based on your current situation and needs. Whether you are launching a new brand or product, are reinventing your image or simply want to guarantee that you are as efficient as you can be, our consultancy allows you to identify opportunities and ways to maximize the way you do business:

Content Creation
Online Strategy
Social Media
Local Activations
Visual Identity
Print Material
Web Presence
Package Design
UI / UX Design
Space Design

We Design

Planning is essential, yet execution is key. As seasoned creative directors, we are best at crafting teams of professionals around your needs, and directing everyone's efforts toward the realization of the objectives we have set. With us as partners, you can have access to the very best designers in a broad range of fields, ensuring that your strategic vision is embodied in flawless design.

Our Credo

Big Agencies Suck...
... you dry

Good branding is the intersection of good planning and good execution. Unlike most traditional agencies, our team doesn't focus on one above the other.

On the contrary, we follow a holistic approach, where our skills as strategists and creative directors allow us to deliver well-rounded results. Your brand is a whole, and should be considered as such.

We are a lean, efficient one-stop shop that gives you access to the best minds and talents, while staying on time and on budget.


Strict 'No B.S.' Policy

We believe that good relationships are at the core of successful endeavors, and we value our clients’ trust above all. Therefore, no shady business: a lean and efficient structure, clear costs, measurable results. 

We deliver big agency results without the fluff, and passionately connect with your brand to ensure our work resonates with your audience. From crafting your roadmap to success to delivering perfect work, we are your partners all the way.


Case Studies

A great logo, an efficient and attractive online platform, great print material are not the "end-all" of good brand strategy. There are a mere support to execute the well thought-out plan destined to maximize our clients' visibility and reach. We work on projects that "turn us on". May it be a new restaurant or cocktail bar, a famous hospitality group, an up-and-coming fashion label, or anything in between; we craft the very best to turn our common strategic vision into reality, and make your business shine. Here are a few projects we've worked on recently.

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We've worked with a wide range of brands in media, hospitality, education, technology and design.


Christophe Galland

A forward-thinking brand expert since he opened his first award-winning agency at 19 years old, Christophe Galland has defined brand identities and strategies for companies, institutions and individuals all over Europe and the United States. His unique aesthetic, borrowed from his French/Italian upbringing and his love for California's effortless chic; as well as broad expertise in business development and brand design, make him a unique asset for all entrepreneurs hoping to redefine their brand. Christophe guides the Imagists' vast clientele toward success by offering tailored innovative solutions to today’s demanding economic realities. He is a regular speaker on seminars around the U.S, and offers organizational and brand strategy consulting services to companies arounds the world. He also sits on the USC Annenberg Alumni Board of Directors.


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Based in Los Angeles. CA, The Imagists work with clients throughout the United States, as well as brands all over the world.


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"Like all forms of design, visual design is about problem solving, not about personal preference or unsupported opinion.

- Christophe Galland, Founder / Creative Director