TODPIX is a movie-centric social platform focused on offering Theatrical On Demand to its wide customer base. The website allows movie-goers to discover movies that are of interest to them, but also interact with a crowd of like-minded fans.¬†Furthermore, the unique distribution system pioneered by TODPIX allows a group of friends – or a group of stranger – to book the theatre of their choice, to go see the movie of their choice! This revolutionary distribution experience warranted a strong, impactful visual identity, which we were brought on board to create. From there, the synergy with the TODPIX team prompted us to get more hands-on with the brand’s development strategy. We worked with the team to solidify the brand’s ambitious business plan, and create a complete, immersive online experience for all movie lovers. From ideation to user experience to design of the final product, we were able to deliver a full suite of services for a product like no other.