The Bank

At the very heart of Wall Street, The Bank is a wine-centric American-New inspired restaurant offering the incredible farm-to-table meats and rarely-sourced wild seafood to a international clientele. Steakhouses on Wall Street are hardly a rarity, bringing us to develop a unique concept to differentiate the restaurant from its competition: The very exclusive Governor’s Club is a members-only offering allowing VIPs to store their exclusive wines and spirits in personal safes, as well as access a variety of special services geared toward the most discerning crowd. Accessible only upon invitation and being vetted by three members, membership has quickly become a “must have” for the business crowd roaming the area.

Beyond ideating around the concept itself, and creating its visual identity, signage and print collateral, The Imagists worked with the restaurant to create its wine and food program experience, curated by American Culinary Group wine director and James Beard Award-winning author Françoise de Pury, built on a foundation of regional French cuisine, yet market driven with refined, modern American influences.