Olivier’s Butchery

Olivier reached out to The Imagists to handle his brand’s identity and strategy before even opening the doors of his San Francisco based butchery. Since that time, the small business is invariably named among the best butchers in the United States by institutions such as Bon Appétit and Food & Wine Magazine several years in a row.

We crafted an identity that resonates with the butchery’s trendy location, in the Dogpatch area of San Francisco, and worked with the company to extend its notoriety thanks to smart live and online activations, special offers, and the creation of various products furthering the brand’s outreach. Olivier’s Butchery is like our baby, and we are incredibly proud of its accomplishments so far!

From a thorough cooking guide, to an explanation of each cut of meat, to incredible recipes, the brand’s online platform is a gold mine of information for meat lovers, and for those who want to learn about these masters’ craft. It is also the preferred place for Olivier’s clientele to order his famous revolving collection of “meat boxes”.

In order to grow its clientele exponentially, Olivier’s Butchery also trusted us to create a bespoke online campaign centered around the business’ values and aesthetic. Spanning over 3 years and still going strong, the email campaign has not only turned the local butchery into a true pillar of the community, but has also contributed to the notoriety of the brand at a national level, making it a constant recipient of awards, distinctions and other press accolades.

We are still actively participating to the brand’s growth, as our creative team is involved in the day to day of the company, the creation of online content, of a series of books, and is spearheading a series of amazing collaboration opportunities. And our newsletter designs are competing to become as famous as Olivier’s meats:










olivier frame 3