Maison des Maisons

Maison des Maisons translates the classic French influence of style to a Californian west coast attitude of luxury of comfort. More than an apparel company, the brand functions as a creative house, and has spurred many collaborations with other fashion houses, creatives, visual and recording artists, and designers around the world. The release of their first eponymous collection after years of exclusive collaborations had many talking, and The Imagists were asked to craft the aesthetic of all the material around the new collection.

From inception, The Imagists worked closely with Maison des Maisons’ creative team to to translate their “Paris Chic meets L.A. sleek” motto. The visual identity of the brand marries classic French architecture and cutting-edge font design to achieve the “New meets Classic” feel so popular among the young and trendy crowd.

The Imagists conceived and produced all material associated with the new collection, from custom garment bags to tags, to custom line sheets and catalogs. Our design of Maison des Maisons Magazine, a limited edition issue released at the same time as the new collection, received multiple awards and press accolades, while the online platforms we created and populated quickly became a destination for an enthusiastic crowd of trendsetters and early-adopters.

The unique placement of the Creative House, at the crossroads of all artistic routes, allows it to constantly progress the voice of a fine French “House” on California soil.