FanTalk is the largest fan arena in the world, accessible from any device, from anywhere! Sports fan gather to get updates on their teams, but also share moments they capture themselves and comment on others’ content.

We were lucky enough to be part of the very early talks around the FanTalk brand, and trusted to ideate, create and design all the graphic elements surrounding the brand. We also acted as advisors to the executive team in the user experience ideation phase, from beginning to release on the marketplace. Working with a pre-existing logo, we crafted an inspiring, strong sport-oriented brand to support the FanTalk concept: a sport fans community accessible from anywhere, and a hub for the latest news and info on your favorite teams.

The challenge with FanTalk was to create an offering that would differentiate itself from the plethora of sports app on the marketplace. The proprietary technology behind the app was a good start, but truly pushing the envelope to introduce elements never before seen in the sports app marketplace was key to the early success of the venture.

From user journey study to wire framing, to design of the app, we created a fully fledge product ready for market. We also crafted the entire set of online platform around the brand to ensure consistency in the feel and quality of the design.