The Donaldson
Adoption Institute

The Donaldson Adoption Institute is the largest adoption research institute in the United States, and an internationally recognized non-profit in its field. As such, its need to reach a wide and diverse audience is permanent, and requires constant attention.

We were hired to help the Adoption Institute reinvent its image and presence, and make itself more accessible, not only to researchers and adoption professionals, but also to the general public, in order to increase awareness around the important topics it handles daily.

Starting with an identity overhaul, we worked on giving new energy to the brand through a new name and a new simple logo, with the objective to conquer new grounds and new crowds while ensuring the continued support of the Institute’s long time backers and allies.

With a new visual identity to boast, the Adoption Institute trusted our team to reinvent their online presence through the creation of a custom official website, with a back-end entirely manageable by the Institute’s current staff. The website, thanks to its complex yet incredibly user-friendly admin system, is the perfect platform for the non-profit to feature its latest endeavors, research papers, and views on the world of adoption.

Over the years, our team has also supervised the creation of the Institute’s most memorable print documents, along with a wide variety of other communication materials. Acting as brand directors, we constantly further their outreach and visibility through smart activations dedicated to specific audiences, building all the material necessary to its success along the way.