This Miami Beach patisserie / tea lounge is an incontrovertible hot spot all year round. The simple yet delicious menu of French and Italian pastries is complimented by the unexpectedly classic design of the space. The “Ladurée at the Beach” vibe draws lines out the door, whether it is for high tea or a boozy brunch with homemade macarons. The owners, famed French pastry chef André Lagasse and his Calabrese wife Sofia, came to us with a broad  “beach meets salon de thé” concept. From finding the name to creative-directing the design of the space, to creating every single box and bottle used at Citron, we were lucky enough to be involved in every facet of this brand’s development. The pastel, fresh colors marry perfectly with the “sand and ocean” palette one can find less than 20 feet away, while all packaging and printed collateral is made of sustainable, recycled material. A refreshing take on the classic parisian Salon de Thé, Citron is destined to remain a culinary staple of the area.