matte stephens

    Our good friend Matte Stephens recently completed a beautiful set of illustrations for a Tiffany & Co. iPad app. Through simple animations Matte’s artwork is brought to life in two games that children (and adults!) can play while in-store.

    In the first game you decorate a gingerbread house with gems and a cast of Matte’s favorite characters. In addition, you can change the scene from day to night. The second game features Rupert the bear and a little red bandit squirrel catching falling gems. Both games look like a blast!

    matte stephens

    matte stephens

    matte stephens

    On a related note, we recently featured Matte’s new book. If you’re looking for a last minute holiday gift, we highly recommend it!

    matte stephens

    Matte Stephens Selected Works (Oeuvres choisies)
    Published by Editions Alto
    96 pages /  7.5″x10.5″
    Text set in
    Farao with captions in French & English.

    Copies are available at Matte’s Etsy shop and Editions Alto.


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    Featured Book: Matte Stephens: Selected Works.

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