Creative Direction

A forward-thinking brand expert since he opened his first award-winning agency at 19 years old, Christophe Galland has been defining brand identities and strategies for companies, institutions and individuals all over Europe and the United States. From The Imagists’ headquarters in Los Angeles, he guides The Imagists’ vast clientele toward success by offering tailored innovative solutions to today’s demanding economic realities. Christophe is a regular speaker on seminars around the country, and also offers organizational and brand strategy consulting services to brands arounds the world. He also sits on the USC Annenberg Alumni Board of Directors.

“I created The Imagists out of necessity: necessity for me to have reliable experts to translate my vision for a brand or a company into reality, and necessity for my clients to turn to one unique entity able to guide them to completion. Although it seems like an obvious way to do business, especially at a time where budgets have shrunk and ROI is king, it turns out we are still among the very few to think about branding this way. I am very proud of the work we put out here because it is honest, great, and makes a real difference. Hopefully we get a chance to spread this way of thinking on many different levels over the years!”